PointBlank Security

is a brand of the Steen Harbach AG.

Under this brand we formed a team of highly experienced security specialists in the area of software, hardware and also physical security.

This team's primary goal is to secure communication from, to and also between embedded devices. To reach this goal we decided to develop and implement the well known TLS protocol totally from scratch to address the existing resource limitations in an embedded world without "big" operating systems.

And now it's here and we call it: pbTLS

pbTLS addresses all the issues you may have found when thinking of security on ebedded devices.

pbTLS is small | fast | strong | reliable

At a Glance

  • Solution
    TLS & cipher library for small 32bit embedded MCU applications.
  • Consulting & Support
    Customization, implementation and specific application design (remote and on-site)
  • Partnering
    Module business and third party collaboration


Our workforce with international roots gives us the skills and the power to deliver our services not only on a regional but also on an international level.

In addition to our technical expertise we especially taking care on sustainability and the social responsibility of our company. 

Only the use and interplay of both components enables us to deliver up-to-date technical services that satisfy our standards in sustainable and social responsible action.

PointBlank Security References

To be honest: There is not that much. We are new!

But the Steen Harbach AG has and alongside many other business partners Bayer has been among our loyal clients since 1993. Bayer is a research-based, growth-oriented global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. Their products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. Innovation has always been a significant factor in the further development and invention of products for the Bayer Company.


Please find information on the porfolio of the Steen Harbach AG here.

Customer Structure

Major Corporation in the area of Life-Science, Chemistry, IT-Services and the Banking sector.

Medium-sized businesses in  the area of tool making, locking systems and manufacturing logistics.

Regional companies from various industries.